"One force is truly the locomotive for the evening, driving the action and feeding energy into the cauldron.
Denise Cormier plays the sexually titillating yet emotionally stunted Mrs. Prentice. Ms. Cormier wears
the role like a second skin, mining the script for every nuance and playing for laughs with no apologies"



"Denise Cormier, as Bill’s wife, does a sterling job explaining just how alone she is.
His being sober is nice, but she also wants him to come home."



"Cormier is a revelation in her first Rep show; she is just stunningly good with impeccable comic timing."



"Good People is about passion and self-preservation. It is, at times, explosive. It has a wicked
sense of humor. It has surprises. It has heart. And most of all, it has Denise Cormier playing Margie.
She carries the evening and the message. From her Boston accent to the desperate pacing of
her character, she is perfect and makes it a perfect evening."



"The highlight of the evening was Denise Cormier's comic performance as Juliet's nurse and confidante.
Playing the role as a 1940s style blonde bombshell in a cherry-printed dress and high heels,
Cormier stole every scene she was in. Shakespeare done in a New York accent is very funny.
Even so, Cormier had remarkable facility with the language."



"In Greco's fine-tuned orchestrations, Gnapp and Cormier navigate their treacherous reunion
with wary humor, anger and intimations of what once drew them together and drove them apart.
Cormier pursues Emma's quest with magnetic persistence laced with uncertainty
and an urbane wit."



"Denise Cormier in a heart-rending performance…Cormier is equally effective in conveying Amanda's
exposed-nerve anxiety and her moments of hopelessness…"



"Denise Cormier and Margaret Daly, as the long-suffering wives of these AA founders,
are also wonderful. They find multidimensionality in characters that are simply drawn."



"And Denise Cormier, as the tortured Mrs. Van Buren, couldn't be better. In one touching
yet explosive scene with Esther, she takes your breath away."



"The first act closes, stunningly, with a reprise of "Tomorrow Belongs to Me"
with Denise Cormier as Fraulein Kost…"



"[Karl] Gregory and Cormier are radiant on stage together…Cormier is spunky and charming,
and immediately draws in the audience which, like Justin, can't help but love Ashley despite her flaws."



"the cast is pleasing and surely destined for greater things…Denise Cormier as Sarah
brings a nice blend of awkwardness and sexual need to her role as a rigid academic
set loose in an exotic European capital."



"The witches in this 'Macbeth' are especially entertaining, and their 'double, double, toil and trouble' scene,
complete with sexually-charged writhing, is arguably one of the finest you'll ever see."



"Elaine's biting sarcasm is deftly handled by Cormier…Cormier and Roddy make a deliciously awkward pair."



The best of the ensemble is Denise Cormier as the stripper in the club where Benjamin and Elaine
have their first (and as far as I can tell, only) date.



"At the play's heart is a 20-minute monologue by Sarah, a dissection of her own
hard-fought-against racism so unsparing that it commands both horror and respect.
At GSC, it's delivered with frazzled, affecting honesty by Denise Cormier,
who has never done better work than she does here."



"Powerful direction of a superb cast brings the play into sharp focus…
Denise Cormier is the sensual Wendy…Cormier is wickedly funny."



"Denise Cormier is the standout among the young lovers as she plays the frustrated attractive Helena…"



"Denise Cormier gives a skillful and touching performance as Sally. Sally's the trickier role,
because she's so tart and resistant that the actress who plays her runs the danger of making her unlikeable.
Cormier never makes that mistake—we see from the moment she appears why Matt wants her."



"As Sally, Denise Cormier is simply great. She looks the part, she sounds the part, and she is the part.



"Denise Cormier's performance as Lusia is marvelous. Her amazing transformations
are consistent with a survivor, and by the end of the play,
the audience must take power and indelible vision from her Lusia."



"Denise Cormier as Lusia provides a commanding presence…
Ms. Cormier displayed best-actress talents in the title role"



"Peter Bradbury and Denise Cormier provide the needed counterpoint of naïve enthusiasm…
her Honey is amusingly vapid and, when she allows the repressed anguish to break through, heartbreaking."



"Denise Cormier is a fresh comic force as Helen, the slightly ditzy secretary who wants to write comedy."



"the ghost of his former wife, Elvira, (flirtatious, mischievous Denise Cormier)…
Cormier gives us a wonderful portrayal of a vivacious temptress back for—something—from beyond the pale."



"Adding a richer dimension to the mix is Frances Parnell, played by Denise Cormier…
Ms. Cormier shows a dynamic talent in the role."



"Denise Cormier is magnificent as the firebrand Louka, sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued, and unarguably right."



"…the production is rock solid from beginning to end…[Andre] Dubus and Cormier,
whose characters are the focus of the play, turn in especially strong performances…
Cormier imparts both childlike joy and terror as Cherie."